‘There is Nothing Left to Buy’: A Pandemic Online Shopping Tragedy


A University of Southampton student, who went a little overboard with their online shopping during lockdown, has discovered that their habits come with some alarming consequences. 

‘I just can’t believe it,’ they told Wessex Scene. They continued:

There was a semi-annual sale last week and I went online to check it out. But when I was scrolling through the website, I realized… there’s literally nothing left for me to buy! I’ve bought absolutely everything they’ve has ever made!

Despite trying to convince themselves that they were possibly a little low on eye shadow or that they maybe needed a new lipstick, this student was forced to acknowledge that even their spectacular powers of self-delusion could not stretch to accommodate this new horror. A cursory examination of their multiple makeup bags — also bought during lockdown to contain the ever-expanding supply of products — confirmed that they possessed multiple copies of every product the company had ever manufactured. ‘I just can’t believe it,’ they repeated, numb. ‘I mean, I know I had a new delivery every week, but I didn’t think I’d literally bought everything! It’s just that a package a day keeps lockdown blues away!’

The horror of realizing that you’ve ‘completed’  shopping is similar to the agony experienced by those who completed Netflix over the first lockdown in March 2020. As we continue to suffer from the after-shocks of our lockdown binge habits, we can only hope that companies respond to our despair and create new products for our consumption — FAST.


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