Student Who Spent All of New Year’s in The Pub Vows to Spend 2022… in the Pub


It’s the very beginning of 2022– also known as a time when everyone is vowing to be the best and most improved versions of themselves. But at this time of self-improvement, some of us are being slightly more realistic. 

One ☝️ Southampton student is particularly self-aware. After spending New Year’s Eve in the pub until midnight— and returning to the same pub with friends (only hours later) the next day for boozy brunch— this student has decided to be more realistic about herself and her 2022 goals. 

While some people believe that we should go into the new year as the soberest, mindful versions of ourselves, ready for our next phase of self-improvement, this Southampton student has a more realistic vision for her future self. When asked about her goals by Wessex Scene, she replied that she intends to spend as much time as humanly possible in the pub. 

She has no intention of creating a more sober or more mindful version of herself and certainly no intention of regretting any of the time she spends in the pub. Instead, she believes it’s important to accept your realistic self and drastically lower your expectations for your own success. 

“I think of going to the pub as being like going to work,” she told Wessex Scene. “Except it’s better, because I love going to the pub, and I’ve never loved doing work. And I would never be as consistent with work as I am with going to the pub.” 

Although this student did admit that she does see the necessity of occasionally doing uni work, she observed that all work can be made more interesting if you do it after a couple of pints. She credits her favourite pub’s manager with making her aware of this life-hack and observes that it has made her life 1000% funnier and more interesting… even if it hasn’t quite enhanced the quality of her uni work. 


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