“I’m Never Drinking Again” Says Student Going to the Pub Again Tonight


‘I swear, I am NEVER drinking again! This is the last time, seriously.’

We’ve all said it. We’ve probably even meant it because that statement is never made unless it’s preceded by a spectacularly horrific hangover. But do we ever really stick to it? 

In a very unsurprising turn of events, one University of Southampton student has shared with Wessex Scene that this resolution did not wind up being true for her. ‘I guess it would be nice,’ she admitted. ‘It would be nice to go out with your mates, have a chill drink, and not overdo it. But let’s be honest— that’s literally never going to happen.’

This assertion was confirmed by said student’s favourite local carvery and pub; as a well-known regular at both places, she has often been the reason they have run out of her favourite ciders and urgently needed to restock. Both establishments confirmed it is highly unlikely that she would ever give up the pub altogether. 

A recent poll conducted among university students shows that our source is hardly an outlier; most University of Southampton students swear on at least 3 occasions a week that they will give up drinking forever, with this resolution rarely lasting longer than the time it takes your mate to invite you to the pub. 


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