A Guide to Understanding SUSU


There are some key things you should know about Southampton when you begin your university journey. As well as all the best places to go and things to see, it’s really important to know what sort of things are available so you can utilise them and make the most out of your time at uni.
Behold: SUSU.
SUSU, Southampton University Students’ Union, is a university-funded charity whose aim is to benefit students. As a student, interacting with SUSU can greatly benefit your experience. They manage societies and sports teams, as well as events and lots of services from wellbeing to financial advice. They also run some on-campus eateries, including Stags, The Bridge, and The Shop.
Most people will talk about SUSU, but also of Sabbs, which are sabbatical officers. These are five positions that are filled at the end of the academic year by students who are voted in by the community. They are the most accessible members of SUSU. For more information on each of them, you can find a wealth of videos and paragraphs explaining who they are and what they intend to do this year. For a starter, each one was asked to say hi and briefly describe their role.
Oliver Murray (Union President):
Hi everyone, I’m Oliver, your Union President! My primary roles include leading the Students’ Union, chairing the Trustee Board, and serving as the key link between the university, our organisation, and students. In addition, I also oversee the functional areas of sustainability, halls, and campuses. If you want to contact me about any questions or queries, please feel free to email me at president@soton.ac.uk!
Zoe Chapple (Vice President Activities):
My role as VP Activities is to look after all the non-sports societies affiliated with SUSU. This includes all the dance, performing arts, fundraising, academic, faith, cultural, business, media, and general interest societies. If anyone has any problems or queries in regard to societies, please get in contact with me via my email (vpactivities@susu.org), my Facebook @ZoeChappleSU, or Instagram @sususabbs.
Casie Osborne (Vice President Sports):
Hey, I’m Casie your VP Sports. I mainly deal with any sporting queries and all 140+ sports clubs. I really want to make sports accessible for all and I’m super excited for this year. Whether you’re nervous, excited or indifferent, I am here for you! You can contact me on Facebook at Casie Osborne SUSU or email at vpsports@soton.ac.uk
Aycha Ates Di-Adamo (Vice President Welfare & Community):
Hi all, I’m Aycha, your VP Welfare and Community! I lead on wellbeing and community campaigns, general welfare of all students and student safety, and work closely with the VP Sports and VP Activities to help them with welfare within clubs and socs. Feel free to contact me via email at welfare@soton.ac.uk, Facebook at ‘Aycha SU’, or the Sabbatical Officer Instagram @sususabbs.
Emily Bastable (Vice President Education & Democracy):
Hello, I’m Emily, your VP Education and Democracy. That means I represent every student at Southampton’s academic interests, from undergraduate to postgraduate research ensuring everyone has a voice.  The best way to contact me is via email vpeducation@susu.org or if it’s a quick question you can message me on Facebook ‘Emily Bastable susu’.
*This is intended to be a brief, neutral summary of SUSU. As Wessex Scene is an independent publication, we are no stranger to doing more in-depth stories on SUSU and its affiliations. If you have a problem that you think needs to be addressed, please contact editor@wessexscene.co.uk for assistance on how to publish your experience.

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