KFC’s Thread Comparing Football Teams to KFC Menu Items is ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’


All the talk in football currently surrounds the impact of Coronavirus: the prospect of matches being played behind closed doors (or like Series A, being cancelled altogether).

But KFC has decided to deflect all these negative headlines with a bit of light-hearted football Twitter banter on Monday afternoon. The popular chicken-based fast-food restaurant produced a Twitter thread on Premier League teams, asking which KFC menu items they most resemble.

Whilst we’ve seen similar Twitter threads such as comparing every Premier League club to a room in a house, or even a drink, KFC’s Twitter thread is undoubtedly the most comical (and accurate) thread so far. It’s bound to have most fans in shrieks of laughter, but others in anger. Let’s take a look at KFC’s magic:

Liverpool: The Trilogy Box Meal
‘A truly unrivalled front three. Completely overpowered, but a little much for some.’

The unrivalled front three includes Mohamed Salah as the Zinger Burger, Roberto Firmino as the Popcorn Chicken, and Sadio Mane as the Mini Fillet Strip. Supporting the ‘front three’ are the fries, regular side, one KFC Original Dip and a drink, with one of them bound to be Virgil van Dijk. Overall, a great squad.

Arsenal: Boneless Banquet
‘Looks great, but lacks a spine.’

Arsenal’s free-flowing football has looked nice on the eye over the last decade, just like the boneless banquet, but they simply aren’t tough enough on the pitch and haven’t been for years.

Manchester United: Fries
‘Divides opinion; some say not as good as once before.’

We all know, just like KFC’s fries, that Man United divide opinion. Loved or loathed, they will always be around.

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Spurs: Water
‘Loves a bottle.’

KFC has got this one spot on. Spurs are the only side to stage a miraculous comeback in a Champions League semi-final to produce such a miserable performance in the final or finish third in a two-horse title race.

Chelsea: Coleslaw
‘Everyone judges those who choose it.’

Every Chelsea fan gets called out, as do those who opt for a side of coleslaw. Call it human nature.

Newcastle: Snackbox
‘Love a cheap option.’

Just like Snackbox buyers, Newcastle owner Mike Ashley loves to save his money.

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Everton: A piece of chicken
‘Always just sort of been there, not bothering no one.’

Everton will always be around – having never been relegated – but won’t cause any concern to the top six, that’s for damn sure.

Sheffield United: Mash
‘A new and popular edition, certainly punching above its weight.’

They’re gradually becoming more and more popular by doing their own thing. The Blades were promoted to the Premier League last season by finishing second, and still, have a chance of qualifying for the Champions League next season. An accurate description by KFC there.

Sunderland: Double Down
‘Not actually been around for a while and probably never coming back.’

Instead of the usual breaded bun, KFC decides to use two pieces of fried chicken instead. It’s very unpopular and has since gone downhill – much like Sunderland, who are now in League One following a double relegation.

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Manchester City: Mini Fillet Burger
‘Not available in Europe.’

With Man City’s two-year Champions League ban announced last month, this joke may come too soon for the Citizens, whose fans are still reeling over the news. But it’s pure comedy gold for every other football fan.

West Ham: Ketchup Sachet
‘Looks great on the outside, but easily torn apart.’

West Ham certainly has the quality, and yet have been torn apart this season, including a 5-0 home defeat to City in the first game of the season.

Burnley: Gravy
‘Absolutely no-nonsense stuff.’

Burnley may not be everyone’s favourite, but they can do good a job nonetheless. This acutely explains why they sit in 10th place.

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Below are some replies to KFC’s thread, which are equally, if not more, amusing:

Wolves: Rice Box
‘Wishes it was from some exotic country like Portugal but is actually just English.’

Wolves have had a Portuguese overhaul since Portuguese head coach Nuno Espírito Santo took charge. But Wolves are still in the West Midlands, which is very far from the sunny beaches of the Atlantic.

Southampton: Corn Cob
‘Easily forgettable. Not quite sure who likes it and how it’s been around for so long.’

This one is bound to hurt. We all love the Saints but others clearly forget about them!

Leicester: Vegan Burger
‘Have been growing in popularity for a while now and its fans are really proud of themselves.’

Just like a growing interest in veganism, Leicester’s remarkable achievement in 2015/16 in winning the Premier League title has generated great popularity for the club. This is only increasing, as Leicester are currently third in the table.


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