Does Playing A Sport Make You More Attractive?


While lots of sport fans are there for the thrill of the action, it is often commented about how ‘fit’ the players are, almost as though that in itself is a pull to the game. With that being said, is it true that playing a sport makes you more attractive? Or is it just the case that those watching sports are just really feeling it?

Firstly, we must establish what are commonly found to be attractive qualities. It is thought that people with a good sense of humour attract a lot of attention as this is seen as a pleasurable feature. It is a bit difficult for those who are playing sport to show off their personality in that way, albeit it is possible in score celebrations and interviews. Voice pitch is also something that can be a subconscious pull towards possible mates, but is something that can’t really be heard during sports, with grunts and cheers not really being indicative of a person’s voice. So with subtleties of personality and features other than how a person looks being undetectable during play, why do people get so worked up about sports players?

Maybe it is purely based on how they look. The ‘perfect’ image for a man is often thought to be chiselled muscles and tanned, golden skin. Many who play sports have to keep up a good physique in order to be at the top of their game. Those whose sport of choice is ‘gyming’ and who spend time getting hardcore gains often find themselves in uncomfortable situations with people leering at them when they’re just trying to improve their strength. Therefore it seems that engaging in sports makes you more attractive.

But is the same said for those whose sport requires them to have a different physique? For example, rugby players that specialise in the scrum must have a very different body type to those who have to run faster. Are those players seen as less attractive? Coming from a house that religiously watches any and all rugby and is full of intrigued heterosexual females, that isn’t the case. Compliments on play and slight objectifications over looks are a constant spiel. Body type here seems to make no difference to whether a person is attractive, and it is instead due to something else.

However, sports players are just generally seen as being attractive. What gives? If it isn’t due to their physical attributes that they’ve gained through partaking in sports, then what could it be? Perhaps it is from the idea that those who play sports are generally happier. As we all know by now, exercise releases endorphins which gives you lots of serotonin and makes you happy. Happy people are less stressed etc. and have positive attributes in that case that makes them more attractive. Additionally, seeing people play sports gives the premonition that they are committed and engaging people, and those who appear more interesting always seem more attractive. Since they have a hobby that they are into and regularly play, it makes the person seem more interesting ergo attractive.

While having hot bods makes people seem more attractive (and there are many who play sports who have such a physique), it isn’t the be-all and end-all. Those who engage in sports appear more friendly and outgoing, and that in itself is a very attractive way of appearing. In these cases, playing a sport makes you very attractive.


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