Super Sepp 3

What does FIFA stand for?



Cameron Ridgway considers the benefits of Catalonian independence and why demand for the region to break away from Spain is growing.


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The new age of celebrities that you have never heard of is coming fast as normal people like you and me are building themselves internet empires worth millions.



Thomas Smythe responds to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan declaring that humanities and arts lead to restricted job options.


In the thrown room of the Patan Kumari

Nepal is a country of staggering natural beauty but it is also home to some of …


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As the Winter weather takes its toll on us, we are moving our focus to our feet: the ever trusting Boot is back and finding its way through shops and online websites in all shapes and sizes, and for all occasions.

Science & Environment

Science 2 Bethany Westall

This year's Nobel Prize winners were announced across the 6th-10th October. In Issue 2 we looked at the achievements of the winning teams in each of the three science categories in more detail.


On the 8th and 9th of November, Southampton Quidditch Club hosted its first tournament: the …

formula 1

Bethonie Waring highlights her two stand-out performers from the Brazilian Grand Prix, and its not Roseberg or Hamilton...


Bethonie Waring explains how she feels the race for the Formula One Championship will go …


Image Courtesy of Musfirah Wajihah

Kat Li talks about her small day trip to the historical city of Bath Follow …

Attribution: Jim Champion

The Winchester Christmas Market has opened for 2014! Plenty of food and unique handmade gifts are being sold in time for generating festive spirit.


Winchester Police station on North Walls faces the possibility of closure as pressure on staff …

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