Students at last year's successful housing fayre. (Photo courtesy of SUSU)

The SUSU Housing Fayre returns to campus this Monday, 26th January.


Carlos Saavedra leads demonstrators in Boston

Carlos Saavedra, leader of Hope Not Hate will be hosting a talk in Southampton on February 3rd to discuss one of the key election agendas: immigration reform.



Writer Jade Badstone constructs some handy semester 2 resolutions, based on what we have learned from the previous term.


(Photo Credit: BBC)

Frazer Loveman proposes a solution to the ever-crowded election debate debacle.



It’s the age old saying. Once January hits, it’s the time for a new everything: …



Top tips to help you keep on top of your New Year's Resolutions.

Science & Environment


Some truthful facts about epilepsy and how proper awareness needs to be distributed across the public.


NFL article pic

Will Scott takes a look at this year's NFL review, and discusses who will pick up the end of season honours.

Sammie Burstow Gymnastics Art

Sport editor Jack Pethick interviews the University of Southampton’s gymnastics society president Millie Cooper, following …

Alexander Mavronicholas Sports 2

Sport editor, Ross Wilson, takes a look at the future that American football has in the British sporting sphere.


Image Courtesy of Holly Lawson

How numbers and patterns shape our daily lives...


Winchester has been ranked the third best place to live in the UK, moving significantly up the ranks …

The suspected source of the amazing orange and cinnamon smell

A quick guide to the Christmas market, and why it's well worth a visit.

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