As a Syrian and a refugee from the Assad regime, Abdulwahab Tahhan expresses his frustration at the ISIL air strike debate



Hebe Neate-Clegg brings you the final part of her comprehensive guide to your Freshers' experience, with U-Z!


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What is anti-male sexism? How does it affect men? How can feminism help?



Travel Editor Anna Jenkins sums up the cheapest ways to travel abroad in this special for Freshers week


Vintage Fair

On the 6th of October, University Vintage Fairs return to Southampton with an event held …

Science & Environment


The Southampton Theory, Astrophysics and Gravity Research Centre will be hosting their 2014 keynote lecture on Wednesday, given by physics Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft.


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"One club, 24 hours, TWICE the height of Everest". Southampton University Mountaineering Club are on campus this weekend raising money for Climbers Against Cancer.

The Premier League

With the first two weekends of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League season now complete the …

Sean O’Brien Winner- Manchester City Last season City were offered the league on a plate …


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Due to the record number of students attending university this year, a shortage in student …

The electric guitar is certainly bound to make a loud appearance at the venue

A small concert of acclaimed retro music with ‘The Burns Unit’ is to take place at the Winchester Guildhall this October.

King's Worthy : Photo Courtesy of Pierre Terre

Police are pleading with local residents to keep their properties locked and secure after a …

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