How to Enjoy A COVID-Conscious Christmas


It goes without saying that this year has been VERY weird. In order to maximise the amount of fun we can have this Christmas while remaining within safe confines, we’ve got to be a bit creative.

Bring the festivities home!

Who says you can’t have a traditional Christmas market in the comfort of your own home? Like with many things this year, having things the way they would normally be requires a lot of imagination. But if something is special for you and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without it, then why shouldn’t it come home this year? Put up twinkly lights, make mulled wine, build gingerbread houses, whatever your festive classics are. If it can happen out there, it can happen at home! (Mostly).

Think about what you really enjoy

Is it the presents? Is it the food? Is it the music? What is it about the festive period that brings you the most joy? I like the predetermined excuse for eating excessive party snacks and desserts in boxes with sparkles on them. This is the only time of year when supermarkets are full of the guilt-free goodness and it’s something I wallow in. This time of year, and especially this year, there are a thousand ready-made excuses for why you can just spend time focusing on something that you really enjoy with almost no repercussions.

Spend time with those who matter

Whether it’s your mum, your dog, or yourself, make sure you spend time with those who make you feel a bit more complete. Christmas is the season of giving, and what you can always give is your time, whether it’s for a Yuletime chat in the living room or over the phone. We have been constantly reminded throughout a year of fear that it’s special to have moments with people we care about, so make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

Dress up and relish in that feeling

My Christmas isn’t usually complete without a distasteful night on the town. While that isn’t really possible this year, we have another plentiful bout of excuses for dressing up all fancayyy. Get those glittery shades, grab your nice tie, put on you best shoes! Have a little Christmas party and take plenty of photos! This year is your year! For just one day, or however long you want to extend your celebrations, things can be normal. Laugh along with the fact that you can be ridiculously overdressed just for a spot of lunchtime turkey.


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