Rough Sleepers in Fareham Placed in Accomodation


Fareham Borough Council have made attempts to relocate all rough sleepers in the area to temporary self-catering accommodation.

The council have been trying to follow Government guidance amid the coronavirus crisis, in which they have tried to move known rough sleepers into a safer place than the street after quarantine measures. However, not all who were offered have accepted the proposal despite ongoing encouragement.

In order to achieve this, the council have paired up with Two Saints, Vivid Housing, and Acts of Kindness. The town had recently been awarded £141,450 to help combat rough sleeping, where they made two further Outreach Services in Fareham, provided by Two Saints.

Councillor Sean Woodward, Executive Leader of the Council, has spoken about the measures made by the council, saying:

From the start of this lockdown period we have worked closely with our partners to ensure we can provide rough sleepers with the safe haven that they need. I would add that any rough sleepers who are not known to the Council, or the Outreach team, can still be accommodated if they let us know where they are. If you see a rough sleeper please email or call 01329 824343 with a description of the person, where they were and the time of day.

Southampton City Council have also made their own attempt at helping those sleeping rough during the current coronavirus pandemic, which includes ensuring all on the streets are equipped with hand sanitiser and tissues. There are currently plans to help those most vulnerable across the country, with the services in Southampton to support homeless people continuing.


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