Leisure World Southampton Set for Renovations


The £250M project, including new houses and businesses, is planned for Leisure World Southampton, with the application set to be submitted to Southampton City Council in July.

The site is positioned opposite IKEA, and is currently home to Odeon cinemas as well as club, Oceana. Amongst the proposed buildings are 620 houses, two hotels, 80 serviced apartments, restaurants, offices, a cinema, and a casino. It is thought to create up to 1,000 jobs for people in the city.

The work is set to begin in 2022 if it is approved by the council, with the developments happening in multiple stages.

The initial stage will include the building of the cinema, the casino, restaurants, and one of the two hotels. The second stage will feature the building of the offices and half of the houses, with the second half of the houses and the second hotel being built in the third stage. The final stage will see the building of health and wellness facilities, as well as green spaces.

John Marsh, Director at Sovereign Centros who are in charge of the development, said:

Whilst we could not have predicted the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves, our commitment to delivering a new destination for Southampton remains undiminished.

City council leader, Christopher Hammond,

Due to the current lockdown measures, there will be an innovative approach to public consultation using digital channels to ensure that our citizens have their say. I look forward to seeing the responses and urge everyone to give us their feedback on this important development.

Giles Semper, Executive Director at GO! Southampton, reflected on how the development would further  improve the local economy:

In particular we welcome the fact that the proposals include employment space. Without room for new businesses, the Mayflower Quarter will not be the central business district we were promised and that we so desperately need.

Residents of the area are currently being asked for their opinion on the proposed development, until June 12th. You can see the official consolation website for the proposals here.


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