Sports and Wellbeing Introduce Personal Training Sessions


From the 4th October 2021, Sports and Wellbeing will be offering customers the chance to book personal training sessions with their two trainers. Wessex Scene was invited to investigate this service before it’s available to students.

Students get cheaper deals for the session compared to the general public (£24 for an hour session rather than £30). Group sessions for two are also available for £35, while 30-minute sessions are priced at £14 for students.

A six-week programme which includes a virtual meeting to discuss goals and an emailed six-week fitness plan is £40, and five sessions (one hour) are £110 for students if bought in bulk. They are also offering Personal Training Platinum Memberships at a rate of £79.99 per month.

Students also get 20% off their first session.

You can purchase personal training sessions at Mayflower or Jubilee reception or by calling 02380592119. There are two trainers available for you to choose from, as well as picking a time that suits you.

If this is something that sounds interesting but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you, read about the experience below from our reporters.

  • Sam (good fitness, goes to the gym regularly, runner)
  • Hester (good fitness, swims, lacrosse player)
  • Emily (bad fitness, avoids the gym, no muscles)

We were invited to a shared session with trainer Adam. When we arrived, he asked us what we were wanting to work on and achieve from the session. With our differing fitness levels, we asked to be shown general things that will help anyone regardless of their fitness journey so far, so we had a session on effective stretching, squatting, and deadlifting. Adam was extremely friendly and helpful, he didn’t put too much pressure on pushing ourselves too far. He was confident and comfortable teaching the techniques and critiquing our form so that we could improve. Each of the exercises were also adapted to our individual needs depending on our fitness and flexibility. By the end of the session, we learned the correct technique for squatting and deadlifting, as well as enjoying an encouraging and effective session in the gym.

Sam said:

As someone who really started to enjoy fitness during lockdown, the personal session allowed me to correct all those issues I’ve unwittingly created through poor form. It isn’t a one day fix, but it gives me the capabilities to work and improve on a safer (less painful) way.

Hester said:

As a sports player who convinced themselves that the gym is rather scary, I found this session great because it was both informed enough to improve your form, and sarcastic enough to let you forget you ever felt nervous.

Emily said:

I really hate the gym because it’s obvious I don’t know what I’m doing, but our session with Adam was actually a lot of fun, and I didn’t feel guilty about being bad. I know I was able to work muscles that I never manage to because it’s almost a week later and they’re still aching.  I also couldn’t touch my toes before the session, and now I can reach my laces.

Credit: Sports and Wellbeing

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