Varsity Tickets Go Live!


After much anticipation, Southampton students are finally being treated to an actual Varsity! 

However, unlike the previous few half-cancelled competitions, Portsmouth are hosting the weekend, rather than Southampton. This means that both teams and spectators will have to travel the gruesome 20 miles before destroying Portsmouth in a wide range of sports.

SUSU are offering a selection of Varsity celebratory tickets, which you can purchase from the Box Office here. Note that each transaction includes a booking fee.

Option One – £12.00

  • 1 x Varsity T-shirt per ticket
  • Entrance to all match venues at Portsmouth for both days of Varsity
  • One day’s travel to Portsmouth (though you must select the day upon purchase)

Option Two – £3.00

  • An additional day of travel for whichever day you had not previously picked (for spectators, you must email to book your seat)

Option Three – £2.00

  • Varsity After Party
  • In The Cube, on Sunday night, ready to celebrate another year of physical domination

Southampton has remained victorious over Portsmouth for quite a while, and this reporter does not feel any reason to question that continuing. Best of luck to all those competing!


Wessex Scene Editor 21/22. Living vicariously through other people.

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