Arrogant Man Confused That Pride Month Wasn’t About Him


Known for his proud exclamations about his very successful life, a local man has received a terrible shock to find out that this year’s Pride Month was not designed to celebrate his achievements.

Throughout June, members and allies of the LGBT+ community have been recognising the influence of LGBT+ people all across the globe. The month long celebration, which has included opportunities to raise political awareness of LGBT+ issues, is vital to members of the community for influencing social change.

However, for John Smith, 31, the realisation that the world has not been basking in his proud nature has hit like a cataclysmic wave. Speaking on local radio, Smith has been able to express his deep confusion:

Last week, a friend of my mother’s informed her that Pride Month is a celebration for LGBT+ people and was not made for me. My mother came upstairs to my bedroom and told me that people weren’t celebrating my pride, but were celebrating something else entirely. I felt cheated because I had bought loads of ‘Pride’ memorabilia and didn’t see the point anymore if there wasn’t anything for me in it.

Smith has been very impressed with himself recently, having dumped his girlfriend when he saw another man’s name on her phone and starting up his own scrap-collecting business.

Known locally as the man who tried to get the word ‘arrogant’ legally changed to ‘proud,’ Smith is currently attempting to avoid claims that he is just a bit of a douche.


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