‘Still I Ride’ – Extracts from the Personal Journal of Mr Johnson


Today, I have spent time working on myself. It has been so difficult lately with all those who oppose the decent support I and my colleagues have been giving. It’s not been very fair!

But look how far we have come. I am so proud of me and so happy that I have had this chance to reflect.

Earlier today I went for a lovely bicycle around Olympic Park. The views there are stupendous and almost exactly like Hyde and Green Park that are so close to Downing Street. It is nice to be able to explore new and vaster plains while testing out my eyesight at the same time. I have just been feeling so trapped recently with nowhere really to go, except the 42 acres that Liz lets me walk Dilyn in. Oh what a sweet boy, he makes me feel supported. It’s strange to think he was going to be put down for a simple misaligned jaw – it makes no sense! It is similar to how people think I should be put down, metaphorically of course, just because I have been somewhat unclear about where the money is, what it’s gone towards, and whether or not I am their biological father. It is nice to have someone who understands.

My creativity has been sparked after such an invigorating bicycle. I will attempt some original poetry.

Leaving behind nights of debate and rules
I ride
Into Olympic Park that’s only 7 miles 
I ride
Bringing the gifts of my frivolous thighs,
I am the dream and the hope of athletics.
I ride
I ride
I ride.

Wessex Scene Editor 21/22. Living vicariously through other people.

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