Student ‘Shocked and Disappointed’ that They are Two Days Late to their Online Seminar


In a shocking twist of events, one Southampton student has been left with unshakeable trauma after realising that they were a whole 47 hours late to their online seminar.

After the move to online learning disrupted the campus-ready schedules of many Soton students, it is really no surprise that the timings of online meetings get lost in the sauce. However, one traumatised History student has been left unable to speak after finding out their very important seminar had actually passed days before.

Speaking to Wessex Scene in an exclusive interview, the student said that they were ‘honestly truly surprised’ and that they ‘couldn’t believe so long had passed before [they]had even opened [their]laptop.’ They continued:

I am just shocked and disappointed.

While that remains the perfect quote to highlight this big news, it is also a plea. Students are becoming shocked by their online learning, perhaps linked to the underlying danger of exposed wires and electrical charges. But the disappointment? That can only come from the realisation that nine grand may have been misspent on difficult-to-engage-with content and not on a yacht.

However, the group itself also felt the absence heavily. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous after fears of being called a ‘nerd’, said:

It was genuinely horrendous. It was only me and the lecturer for the first five minutes. I hadn’t even finished the reading but assumed that more people would turn up to answer the questions for me. This class is full of snakes.

The university would have been approached for comment had this actually gone to the press or, in fact, been a real scoop, but it turns out student reporting when nothing is going on is becoming frightfully dull.


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