Local Cat Has Never Been Fed in Her Entire Life, Says Local Cat


A cat belonging to a University of Southampton student has contacted Wessex Scene to report that she has never been fed in her entire life. 

Named after the detective of Law & Order: SVU fame, Olivia Benson the Cat has called for a return to paw and order after alleging that she is a victim of neglect. She has also requested that Wessex Scene reach out to the RSPCA on her behalf and encourage them to send donations of catnip and salmon. Sources close to Olivia have provided video evidence that contradicts her statement, including full bowls of cat food, shots of Olivia’s chonky belly, and time-stamped footage of Olivia eating a can of fancy salmon and lobster 5 minutes ago. 

When confronted with this footage, Olivia declined to comment on its authenticity, but she did encourage viewers to ‘see through the media’ and think critically when confronted with ‘fake mews’.


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