University of Southampton announces merger with Solent University


Despite the recent rebrand, the University of Southampton has made a joint announcement alongside Southampton Solent University that the two institutions will be merging.

It just makes sense

Beginning in September, students in Southampton will now have access to the world-class facilities at both institutions.

‘For many years now there have been two exceptional educational facilities within walking distance of one another in Southampton, yet students were forced to use one or the other. It just makes sense that students shouldn’t be forced to choose,’ a spokesperson for both institutions explains.

This merger will also bring new opportunities as redundant teaching spaces can be repurposed into new facilities which will bring even greater academic diversity to the city. This is also excellent news for student societies as the merger will also mean the merging of the students’ unions of both universities; part of this will involve merging memberships and funding of similar societies so they can be bigger and better than ever!

As part of the merger, it has been announced that in order to prevent the perception that Solent has been absorbed, the new institution will use a new name; this new name was chosen to be ‘more in touch’ with student interests and may even be familiar to some of you already. From September 2022 students of both the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University can rejoice, for they will be students of SURGE UNIVERSITY!


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