Society Spotlight: Creative Writing


Have you ever had a crazy, brilliant idea for a story? Ever visualised a wacky, eccentric protagonist or a brooding, charismatic villain? If you’re the kind of person that frequently experiences such bursts of inspiration, but has yet to find an outlet for them, then Creative Writing may be the society for you come September.

As any professional writer will tell you, nurturing a story from a sapling to a fully-blossomed and published work of art is an exhausting, straining and time-consuming affair. Many potential writers will fall by the wayside, deflated by the sheer overwhelming appearance of the task ahead of them. At Creative Writing we recognise that one of the most important aspects of writing a story is the ability to get feedback and gauge a response to what you have written, so as to improve and grow. That is why we have made it our number one priority to make time to receive and critique work, with frequent drop-in sessions scheduled throughout the last academic year. This year we intend to continue this dedication, and as well as continuing these informal sessions we are opening a new submissions DropBox for everyone to use to get feedback on anything they’ve written.

For those who may not be at the point where they are ready to write, we also organise weekly workshops based around different and exciting genres of story. Previous workshops have included Murder Mystery, Superheroes, and Romance, and we intend to bring in even more new and fresh ideas this year. These workshops have proven to be fun and stimulating environments and we encourage you to take away any concepts or characters that are created in these sessions to use for your own purpose.

This year we are also hard at work making the society into a much more accessible and far-reaching vehicle for budding writers to meet up, socialise and share ideas. We have plans for literary-themed trips, fun socials varying from the standard night out to a more sedate monthly book club where all members can suggest reading material. We also receive psychic guidance from our very own Paul the Octopus; Inky the Squid, so keep an eye out for him at our bunfight stall.

If any of these opportunities sound interesting to you, we encourage to pop along to one of our sessions this Autumn. In the meantime, should you have any questions about the society or anything related to it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to see some of you soon!

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