It Was Never About The Girl, Was it, Jarvis?


Priced out, pushed out,

Sing our hearts out.

In basement bars,

Full of Insta ‘stars’.

Zero-hours Joe pouring pints £6 a pop,

As bearded hipsters crowd the sinks with bags that come non-stop.

See, this neighbourhood was different what feels like years ago,

With people who grew up here, people you don’t know,

The object of your romantic sympathy,

While you sit down to ‘bottomless’ brunches and afternoon teas.

Not a girl from Greece with a thirst for knowledge,

But gentrification forgetting the kids in college,

Who can’t get help,

Can’t find their place,

And how can you see that at commuters pace?

So don your tracksuit and throw around the word ‘chav’,

Make people’s lives the themes of parties you have.

Because Jarvis’ words ring true,

As areas get tidied,

People priced out,


Good as ‘new’.



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