Where We Live Now


An old abandoned building

A sensible rest

A room with a thrilling

View, dusty yes, with

Duressed windows missing

panes, shattered and shot

And tables still standing on only three legs

It matters not

It’s a sterile haven

foul even

Like a disused tunnel where pigeons rule

And nocturnal beasts come-


You’ll have a seat


of Covid 19

A pregnant silence, at present, it sounds,

Rings around the world right round

A man whistles and his neighbour answers, out of tune

But, still an answer

Some are working hard to keep order

Others are leaning on walls, dusting windows, and missing planes, checking boarders

Not working not earning, just living

Living and dying,

Living off the State,

Dying for the State,

Living in spite of the state of the State,

Living to see it fall.

An empty house would be the place to be

A remote cave maybe a tree-

House or not it would be wise to isolate oneself

And wait out the tide

The tide is shown in figures, shown in stats,

Compared with tides around the world,

Is it in the cats?

We do not know

We know we must stay inside, and there abide

Follow along, a joyless ride

To be a captive day by day, turned from friends towards decay.

The streets are quiet and abandoned now

Like the houses once lived in, a hollow sound

Shops boarded up, devoid of the crowds

Each shelf stacked but no venturing soul to deplete it

How long will this world exist, before its walls like those of once-loved palaces crumble

Coughing and spluttering

Old white men muttering

Who can we pin this on?

Who here has done wrong?

I say its China, polluting and coughing

Out to make sales on mass-produced coffins

I say its Syria, stealing our jobs

Killing off competition in lieu of their bombs

Maybe its communists, devoid of reason

Bringing down commerce, a global treason

Out of a corner, a tiny voice cries

Maybe its nature letting out a wheeze as she dies

Hush say the white men, that will never float

We don’t need answers, we need a scapegoat

So as you tune in on the 6 o’clock news

Remember the morals of the political ooze

Don’t always trust that the words they proclaim

Are for anyone’s benefit not just for the fame

Carry on ladybird, your house is on fire, carry on

Carry on dreamer, your eyes are open? Travel on

Carry on baby, your years are only just begun, life is a marathon pace yourself

Find a place to realize your own truth

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