Spooky Time Rhyme


Well, isn’t this scary, these times we are in?

But Halloween is coming and that is a win.

Spooooky season makes it all go away

Since wishing to be dead is all part of the fray.

Hanging out as kids and running through the streets,

Switched to kicking back with your pals and demolishing sweets.

Halloween as a holiday always comes and goes too fast,

Swapped for fireworks, and candles, and Christmas’ long past.

But there is something special about the time where being scared is allowed,

With terrifying and funny costumes that make you feel proud.

It’s the simple things that make it so great,

Mummified cake pops and eyeball jellies stacked high on a plate.

As far as they go, Halloween is the best celebration,

Young and old, punk and coy, enjoyed by all the nation.

This year in particular has been weird and fearful,

But the thoughts of Halloween can make even Dracula feel tearful.

So, relax, have a laugh, enjoy the spooky season!

Remember life is to live and to smile without reason.

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