SUSU share #StillWelcome video before Brexit deadline


The Student Union has released a video with #StillWelcome alongside to erase Brexit-related discrimination in preparation for EU exit on the 31st January.

SUSU have released their video, reminding everyone that ‘regardless of your nationality or background, you will always be welcome.’


Alongside the video, the post states:

You are welcome now, you’ll be welcome after the 31st of January. SUSU and the University will always strive to be a place of acceptance, tolerance and celebration of our students, and we will always advocate for global mobility.

SUSU have included links to their #expectrespect policy, which can be found here.

After the first referendum in 2016, there was a spike in hate crimes toward different ethnic backgrounds, with latest Government figures showing yet another astonishing increase in race-based attacks throughout England and Wales, nearing 80,000 reported cases. A poll by The Guardian concluded that 71% of people from ethnic minorities had faced discrimination in 2019, increasing from 58% at the start of 2016. Many believe this to be Brexit related.

SUSU have previously released advice for EU and Erasmus students following Brexit updates, with this video being the latest way to combat any confusion or prejudice concerns.

If you do see or hear anything that is offensive and/or discriminatory, it can be reported to SUSU here.


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