It’s a Sonnet! But Who is the Lover? Is It You?


Days bleak, darkness comes, the only feeling is the numb in my thumbs.

Oh, why is it so cold? Why is there no heat?

I have paid so much to feel so beat.

But what is this coming? A warmth from within

Deep in my heart; a lustrous sin.

But it’s not from within! It’s down by my feet

My tingling toes are packed full of heat.

I have fallen in love with a faceless lover with a lover’s note saying, ‘please do not cover.’

In these bleakest of times with long days of exams

A light has come forth saving my frostbitten hams.

Thirty pounds a month for heating and bills

Yet the cold could creep in giving me chills.

But alas I’ve found love – not with her, they, or boy

For now I’ve discovered it – the radiator, my one true joy.

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I love you, baby x


Wessex Scene Editor 21/22. Living vicariously through other people.

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