Marine Biology Student Who Got Whale Tattoo Awarded Prize


A University of Southampton student has recently received an award in global contest for ‘Most Meaningful Body Modification’ after getting a whale tattooed on their forearm in ode to their beloved degree.

Hannah Smith, who also got commendation for completing their advanced diving qualification during their gap year in Bali, beat out several international competitors for the award. Most notably, they won against Californian Kimberley Karcas, whose rear implant story bought many judges to tears. However, it was Ms Smith who superseded all others and claimed the coveted trophy.

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During her acceptance speech, the UoS student said:

I have always loved the ocean and studying its wonderful creatures has really felt like what I was meant to do. I’ve wanted to get a tattoo since I saw my aunt’s ankle mountain range, and I thought what better than to emulate my favourite sea creature. Next year, I will be back as I’m planning to get a turtle on the back of my shoulder.

Ms Smith has actually inspired many of her fellow students to turn to their degrees for tattoo inspiration. A group of geography undergraduates have plans to entertain a stencil of the globe across their biceps, while one chemistry student has even sought the £500 from daddy to get the periodic table down their calf.  Philosophy students unfortunately are still working out exactly what their degree is, and of course if it even exists in the first place.

The trophy and £15 Amazon giftcard prize have since been donated to the university department in the hopes that they will work as a bribe for skippers to continue field work.


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