Spring Elections 2022 Candidates Revealed


The official list for the candidates running for a position in the Leadership Elections 2022 has been released. Find out who is running below!
Campaigning begins today. Voting will open at 9am on Wednesday 2rd March and will close at 4pm on Friday 4th March. 

You can look at all the candidates’ manifestos here.

For the paid Sabbatical roles:

Union President
Benedict Madan
Harry Bull
Oliver Murray
Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

Vice President Activities
Corin Holloway
John Galbraith
Sachin Choudhary
Sam Pegg
Zoe Chapple

Vice President Education and Democracy
Emily Bastable
Holly Denton
Jamie Biltcliffe
Parth Pandya
Peerapat ‘James’ Sparks
Ruiya Wang
Ryan Couchman-Sawyer
Tomasz Duliban
Xiao ‘Veronica’ Wang

Vice President Sports
Casie Osborne
Theo Levison

Vice President Welfare and Community
Aycha Ates-Di Adamo
Maryam Malakoutikhah
Ruby Turner
Selin Moustafa


For voluntary union roles:

Chair of Senate
Fiona Sunderland
Georgios Ntoules

Andrew Colvill
Joshua Grimsdale
Nataliya Klymko
Jamie Norton
Ronghua ‘Eddie’ Wang
Wang Wong

Student Trustee
Muhammad Subhan Ahmad
Rebecca Hayward
Laura McQuillan-Graham
Fiona Sunderland
Aishwarya ‘Ash’ Tayade

Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)
Nika Seraji

Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer
Iona Bateman

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer
Jalaj Arora

Social Sciences Faculty Officer
Mahad Kashif
Amina Omokanye

Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer
Zara Campbell

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