Rumour Has It… 2020 Union Elections Rumoured Sabbatical Officer Candidates


With nominations closing today, Wessex Scene have been snooping around to see who will be nominating themselves to represent your Students’ Union as Sabbatical Officers. Whilst our predictions are known for being largely accurate, beware of red-herrings and homemade music videos this election season… 

Union President

Daniel Noruwa

Scott McCarthy

Olivia Reed

Adrian Li

Imy Brighty-Potts

Corin Holloway

Henry Hill

Ben Dolbear

Aimee Orchel

Nathaniel Ogunniyi

Vice President Education & Democracy

Ulfat Islam

Parth Pandya

Adrian Li

Mary Strutt

Chuka Umunna

Jessica England

Joel Jordan

Bailey Williams

Vice President Welfare & Community

Kayleigh Littlemore

Emily Whelan

The Avenue Campus Cat

Imy Brighty-Potts

Nicole Akuezumba

Avila Diana Chidume

Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

Karriad Shawcross

Vice President Sports

Kiera Spencer-Hayles

Olivia Reed

Sophie Bennett

James Franks

Stephen Gore

Vice President Activities

Corin Holloway

Molly Ellis

Fiona Sunderland

Thea Hartman

Charlotte Colombo

Jess Phillips

Louise Chase

Rhiannon Brunt

Kate Briggs-Price


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