SUSU Spring Elections: Student Officer Winners


Although the Spring Elections are usually all about the Sabbs, let’s not forget the hard work and commitment all the Student Officers put into campaigning for their respective roles.

With 2,145 students in total voting, 5,550 votes were cast for Student Officer roles.

Out of the 21 Student Officer positions that were elected during the Spring Election period, only 8 of these were contested – the other 13 only had to face up against RON.

Your elected Student Officers, in turn, are as follows:

Disabilities Officer 

Aimee Orchel

Engineering and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Officer 

Andrei- Dascalu

Halls Officer 

Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

International Officer 

Kareem Hussein

Intra-Mural Officer 

Kareem Hussein

LGBT+ Officer 

Amamchukwu Azike

Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President) 

Calvin De Louche

Performing Arts Officer 

Hugh Warden

Social Sciences Faculty Officer 

Ria Dunn

Sustainability Officer 

Charlotte Trewick

Women’s Officer 

Alfred Taylor

Student Trustee 

Olivia George

Nathaniel Ogunniyi

Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

James Williams

Medical Society (Medsoc) President 

James Woodward

Nightline Officer 

Dipam Sengupta

RAG President 

Ella Foxhall

Surge Radio Station Manager 

William Hough

SUSUtv Station Manager 

Thomas Usher

The Edge Editor 

Morgan McMillan

Wessex Scene Editor 

Lilly Linnea Lagerstedt

Athletic Union Officer 

Daniel Akhter Hussain

Avenue Officer 

Gabriel Stirling

Boldrewood Officer 

Kitty McNeil

All SUSU election votes are done via a system called Single Transferable Vote. You learn about how all that works here.

You can also find a more detailed vote breakdown (including Sabbatical Officer candidates) on the SUSU website.

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