Don’t Hate, Isolate: The Body Coach to Livestream Workouts Every Weekday Until Schools Reopen


‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks is on a mission to become ‘the nation’s PE teacher’ until the coronavirus has been contained and schools across the UK reopen.

Every weekday from 9am until 9:30am, Wicks is live-streaming free workouts on his YouTube channel to replace school children’s PE lessons. These exercises do not require any equipment and they are suitable for people of all ages.

Wicks has said regarding the 9am classes:

The consistency for me is important. I feel better for exercising in the morning and I think kids do too. Once you’ve done a workout and you’ve physically pushed your body, I think you can take things in your stride a little bit more.

Don’t worry if you miss the 9am live streams as you can catch-up on the workouts which are uploaded onto his YouTube channel.

The first workout on Monday 23rd saw 800,000 households join in and the second on Tuesday saw 954,000 live streams.

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