Don’t Hate, Isolate: Good News! James May is Hosting an Online Pub Quiz this Evening and You’re Invited


Former Top Gear presenter James May will be hosting an online pub quiz this evening to help ease tensions and boredom during the lockdown period. James May’s Live Pub Quiz will begin at 8pm BST on FoodTribe’s youtube channel.

May will also appear alongside Rachel Hogg, FoodTribe editor. The website is all things food-related, featuring videos hosted by James May with titles including ‘James May: Spam vs Ham – the ultimate showdown’. The online community for food lovers was set up by May and his co-hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, following the success of their online motoring social network, DriveTribe. 

There will be a total of five rounds on a variety of topics: general knowledge, food and drink, geography, film and ‘Clarkson, Hammond and May (of course)’. In true fashion to a pub quiz, there will also be a bonus mystery round at the end of the competition.

There will be a chance to win a personalised message from James May himself, which FoodTribe suggests you use as ‘your voicemail message, alarm, or just play it to yourself on repeat, forever’. Participants also have the chance to team up with family and friends but are urged to follow social distancing rules by only taking part with cohabitants or with others via a form of video communication.

Just because participants are bored stuck in lockdown doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy themselves with a pub quiz evening, so FoodTribe also recommends that those taking part also pour themselves a pint, or pop open a can failing that, to get the authentic experience.

Mogg explained that in these ‘weird and strange times’ people need to still make sure they’re having fun, asking ‘what could be more fun than joining the one and only Captain Slow for a live pub quiz?’

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Meanwhile, May told the PA news agency:

I love pubs, but I hate pub quizzes. Unfortunately, the pub isn’t open for some reason. So we’ll just have to do the quiz, online, at a safe distance.

International fans are also eager to take part, making adjustments to their sleep schedules to be able to ‘attend’ the event. One New Zealander in the comment section of FoodTribe’s post announcing the event commented ‘8pm on 8 April BST is 7am on 9 April NZT. Anyone opposed to me drinking at that hour?’. The commentator was in luck though, as Hogg promptly granted special ‘permission for a 7am beer’.

Another crucial aspect of recreating the real pub quiz experience includes an absolute ban on cheating. James May eased fears though, explaining that ‘There will be no cheating, obviously. No-one’s going to look up the answers on Google. That’s not allowed.’

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