Don’t Hate, Isolate: Run For Heroes Are ‘Running’ Away With It


You’ve probably seen the trend all over Instagram, and you may even have been tagged and completed it yourself… these past few days have been all about #RunForHeroes. 

This challenge asks the nominee to run 5km, donate £5 to NHS Charities Together, and then tag 5 friends to do the same. Run For Heroes originally set their target for £5000 but after a huge positive response they had to up this to £800,000 – a target which they reached last Sunday! 

It’s no surprise the charity reached their target so quickly – with weather like this, and nothing better to do, people are jumping at the opportunity to get outside safely. It is also a brilliant opportunity to show admiration and respect for our country’s healthcare system, which continues to work tirelessly and selflessly through this pandemic.

NHS Charities Together stated they have a mission to support the welfare and the wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19, Donations from #RunForHeroes are going towards funding well-being packs for staff and volunteers on wards and covering the cost of travel, parking and accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers.

People are still able to make donations even if they are unable to take part in the run.

If you’ve been nominated for this challenge, we 100% recommend getting out there and doing it!

Organisers are keen to emphasise the importance of maintaining social distancing on any run, by keeping 2m away from anyone when running. This may involve crossing the road, or stopping to maintain distance where necessary.

To donate, go to:

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